Children's Hopes and Fears
The children writing  about their hopes and fears

Despite the best efforts of our staff in Kenya, the traumas the children have experienced take a long time to heal.

In an exercise with the children we invited them to write or draw their hopes on one side of a piece of paper and their fears on the other. Their responses were revealing and upsetting: many of them refer to their former lives by fearing being dishonest, or hungry or ill. They also fear violence and anger, HIV and the dreaded hospitalisation which took away so many of their parents permanently. More than one of the girls referred to her time on the streets as madness: “I did not like to be mad girl”, says Francesca Kathambi, and another echoed this, writing that she feared “to be mad”.

Their hopes

Their hopes are equally reflective of their rescue. Apart from the normal aspirations to various occupations that children have, ranging from doctors and pilots to tv broadcasters and judges, they appear to be very sensitive to injustice and genuinely keen to make a difference themselves.

Here are a few quotations (notice how good their English is, after just these few years in school):

quoteI would like to be a good citizen who respect other peoples and respected in everything I do.quote
quoteI like forgiving others. quote
quoteI want to be a good child in my life. quote
quoteIn my life I would like to be a lecturer and to helping other peoples who are needy or poor in there life.quote
quoteI dreams being in a court and I really admire to be a judge. I will be fear and justice and serve everybody world-wide without discrimination/tribalism. quote

This is what Lilian Kanana wrote about her hopes for the future This is what Lilian Kanana wrote about her hopes for the future

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