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Newsletter - Maua Street and Destitute Children's Home

Help us make the children feel loved this Christmas

Dear Supporters,

As we reach the end of another brilliant year for New Life Nyambene thanks to your amazing generosity and support, we would like your help to make the children at our orphanage in Kenya feel loved this Christmas. If you have a special Christmas message which we can pass on to the children, email it to and we will pass it on. Please make sure the message is inclusive of all the children at the Children’s Home rather than singling out one particular child – remember these children have faced terrible rejection and family trauma - we want them all to know that they are dearly loved.

Fed up with the empty consumerism of Christmas shopping? Looking for a gift for somebody who already has everything?

Then look no further than our range of charity gift cards! With prices ranging from £5 - £50, our gift cards are a great way to enable you to spend your Christmas money on a gift that will actually make a difference! Your donation will pay for a pair of shoes, essential healthcare, the chance to go to school, or enough food to last a month for one of the street children we care for. We have a selection of lovely, colourful cards, designed by a wonderful artist who has donated his pictures to us. Got your gifts sorted and just want some basic cards? We also have a range of simple cards with pictures drawn by the children that are left blank inside for your personal message.

You can view the full range of our cards on the website here. Email to order your cards, or send a cheque made payable to New Life Nyambene to 11 Market Place, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1HS.

Vocational training centre sets its sights high

Plans are gathering pace to transform our new vocational training centre into an income-generating enterprise, thanks to intensive training and ongoing mentoring from the East Africa Social Enterprise Network (EASEN). With EASEN’s guidance, our team in Kenya are learning to recognize good business opportunities, understand the local markets and customers and design appropriate services that we hope will help the centre to become a successful social enterprise. EASEN are doing wonders at helping to create a more entrepreneurial culture in the organization, helping our team think in a more strategic, business-like way about how they can generate income that will help achieve our social goals of rescuing more street children and giving them access to an education.

The team are hoping to make use of their extensive community networks through the New Life Church (which now has over 35 congregations throughout the Nyambene region) and their connections with local government to help spread the word about the centre and attract business to it.

Perhaps the most exciting element of these plans is that EASEN have been training and mentoring some of the young people who were rescued from the streets by our charity over ten years ago, and who are now blossoming into bright, enthusiastic young adults keen to give something back to their community. Our hope is that once these young people finish their education, they might one day play a role in running this social enterprise venture themselves. What a fantastically empowering message that would send to other street children!

The EASEN connection is a huge blessing to our charity. But it doesn’t come for free. Can you help make our big idea keep growing?

Spotlight on our amazing team in Kenya

To finish, we wanted to give you the chance to get to know our amazing staff in Kenya better. These guys are the real heroes and heroines of our charity, working tirelessly to give the children the long-term support and care they need to recover from the terrible trauma of life on the streets. We plan to feature these spotlights on all our staff in the next few newsletters. To start, meet Patrick, Josephine and Purity.

Patrick has been working at the Children’s Home for the last 7 years as their social worker, offering the children pastoral care, emotional support and help to learn how to manage their behaviour better. He describes the most rewarding part of his job as seeing the children – who, unused to social structures, tend to be quite wild when they are first rescued from the streets - slowly changing into ‘model children’, to use the description used by the headmaster in the local primary school.

Purity has been our office secretary and store keeper in Kenya for the last 4 years. Having worked as a school librarian and accounts clerk previously, she does a great job of checking that all the books and registers at the Home are well kept. She is also responsible for buying food for the children and keeping store records. For Purity, the most rewarding part of her job is seeing that the children have enough food, a well-balanced diet and are in good health.

Josephine is the matron at the Children’s Home, and has been offering them all the tender loving care of a mother for the last 10 years. Josephine sees her main role as being to understand the needs of each child and to love and respect them as individuals. She says that her greatest joy is when she sees that the children’s issues being resolved, and when she sees all of them happy.

On behalf of the staff and children in Kenya, may we wish a Merry Christmas to all of you our cherished supporters.

Date for your 2014 diaries!

Saturday 18 January 2014, 7:30pm, Classical concert fundraiser for the children in Kenya.

As part of London’s biggest choral festival the Brandenburg Choral Festival, see Handel, Bach and Rachmaninov performed in the beautiful setting of St Clement Danes on the Strand.

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