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Newsletter - Maua Street and Destitute Children's Home

Changing children’s lives in Kenya - Christmas 2014 news from New Life Nyambene

The rubbish dump near our Children's Home where children still on the streets forage for food

This year has seen the turning of a corner that we have been anticipating and working towards for years. It was very exciting to receive Charles and Johannes Etten back from their visit to Kenya and to hear how successful the recruitment process has been.

With our oldest children grown up and needing the independence that only employment can give, we have spent two years on our New Life Training Centre project: buying land, building the training centre, hiring trainers, recruiting students, beginning courses. But as time has gone on, we have realised that without a fully qualified and experienced Director of the centre, we can't expect the results we need - and of course, our ultimate goal is that this Training Centre becomes financially self-sustaining.

Therefore, to have raised the money to enable the recruitment of our Director is a fantastic achievement, and we send our warmest thanks to all of you who have contributed towards making this possible. On December 7th, Charles and Johannes Etten flew out to join Kenyan colleagues Ambrose, Mary Kamore and Lilian Marenya on an interview panel which finally chose Bernard Njeri to join the team early next year. In our Spring Newsletter, when Bernard has been in post for a few months, we will bring you a full profile, and an update on the impact that he will have made. We are thrilled to have found this highly qualified, practical, and caring man, who caught our vision immediately and has excellent ideas for taking it forward.

Steve, one of the former street children raised in our Home who now wants to give something back to his community by helping with our training project.

Inevitably, this has been and is being a costly process. We have had to realign some money we were hoping to spend on further education in business for one of our older boys who has now just completed his final school exams. If anyone reading this newsletter therefore has any ideas for acquiring more funds, we will receive them enthusiastically.

But it is all so worthwhile! Recent letters sent by our children to their sponsors include the following quotations:

"I am very grateful for I am not of beings sexually harassed afraid anymore since in this home I am fully secured, provided for all my needs like shelter, food and education. I feel good and loved when I and my fellow sisters and brothers are in the institution as a family. Blessings like a shower of rain to you as the boundaries of your achievements."

"I always appear smart due to the clothes that I have been bought. In matters of health am proud to inform you that am always fed-up with a balanced diet. I know that all these favours originate from you.... in fact, I always feel that you were made to help me and see that I become a more important person in life. This is NOT common to people, but you are among the few, and I feel humbled every time I pray for you. God bless you as always. THANK YOU".

Three simple ways for you to show your support for the children in Kenya this Christmas

1. Help us make the children feel loved this Christmas by sending us your festive good wishes for them.

At a time when they will be mourning the family they lost to famine or HIV or perhaps are feeling haunted by the abuse they ran away from, a Christmas message from you would mean a lot to them. Email us your message and we will forward it to them. Please address to all the children at our home rather than singling out any particular child.

2. Buy a Christmas gift that will make a difference

For a feel-good gift this Christmas, our charity cards are the perfect antidote to empty consumerism. From £5 -£50 for a card, this is your chance to buy a Christmas gift that will buy food, shoes, school equipment and essential medicines for the street children we care for. Cheques can be made payable to 'New Life Nyambene' and sent to 11 Market Place, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1HS.For more info visit

3. Shopping online this Christmas? You can raise money for our street children without it costing you a penny extra!

Just shop online at almost any major retailer through Give as you Live and they will give a percentage of the cost of your purchase to the charity of your choice. Remember to pick New Life Nyambene as your chosen cause! Visit

Some of our children at the Home

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