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Newsletter - Maua Street and Destitute Children's Home

From the children in Kenya - Christmas gift for you

Dear sponsors,

We have a Christmas gift for you from the children at our Street Children's Home in Kenya. We could tell you how well they are doing, but how much better if they can tell you themselves. And so here we present to you some very short films offering a snapshot of their lives, a song they perform together, and even a poem some of the children have written. We hope you feel as much love for them and as many high hopes for their future as we did when we first saw these. Thank you so much for your continued support for our charity at the end of a year of change and growth for New Life Nyambene; your loyalty means everything to the children. They never forget their experiences of homelessness and the life you have rescued them from: 'I very well recall the cold that I spent the night' (Stephen); 'My life was hopeless, shelter was a problem because when it rain it was full of water' (Benson); 'I was mistreated by other people in the village' (Charles Mutembei); 'I was very thin that time compared to now' (Christine).

One of our girls called Christabel tells of how family bereavement left her destitute on the streets, but how thanks to the education you have funded for her, she now plans to work with children on completing her studies.

A sweet short message from Polly Kananu, one of our little ones (who were all rather camera shy!).

A beautiful poem performed here by Joy Waithera, which she wrote with three other children Evelyne Mwingwa, Miriam Mukiri and Peter (Kelvin) Mutembei.

Just because of you
How sweet are these days
We were once worthless, useless & misused
People used to see us like nothing
But you came at rescue, our sponsors.

We were like abonation in the society
Nobody saw us like children
They took us like street dogs
But you came at rescue, our sponsors.

You made us now like prince and princesses
We are now useful & worthy
People see us now like people of self dignity
Just because of you.

Now we have education
Now at least have future to tell
Our abilities and talents can now be achieved
Just because of you.

And finally, a song that some of you may recognise :)

Let us press forward into 2016 with renewed vigour; confident that, thanks to you, the hopes of these children and young people will continue to be fulfilled. Happy New Year!

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