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Newsletter - Maua Street and Destitute Children's Home

Tired of token gifts people don't need? Here is a gift that will make a difference

Did you know that the average British family spends over 800 on Christmas? And yet the Charities Aid Foundation estimate that three out of five of us have been given gifts we don't want, which we pass on to charity shops as soon as the festivities are over.

Well, there is one gift you can buy this Christmas that you can be sure is very much wanted, and needed. The children in Kenya whom you have helped rescue do not have parents to give them gifts. So it's up to us to make them feel loved.

Merry Christmas from Polly Kanana

Could you spare 15 from your Christmas budget to enable us to buy them each a gift?

Our hope is to raise 345 - enough to buy them all a pair of new shoes, something that their growing feet urgently need. Can you help us make sure they walk tall into their classrooms in the New Year in new shoes? With enough money we can hopefully buy them some new clothes too.

We are so thankful and humbled by the loyalty you have shown to the children in Kenya. Without you, they would not have been rescued from the nightmare they faced on the streets at such a young age. Without you, they would not now be thriving in schools, colleges and universities. Without you, they would not be setting their sights on becoming independent adults able to give back to their communities. So thank you.

Oh, and one last thing. The children have an important message for you!

Best wishes for the festive season,

Amy Westendarp
Volunteer Communications Officer for New Life Nyambene

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