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Greetings to all our supporters from the trustees in the UK and the staff and children in Kenya.

We are thankful that 2017 has been a stable year with the children progressing well at school, keeping healthy and growing up safely and happily. Your generosity has achieved exactly what you want it to achieve - steady growth, good care, and 32 precious lives a step further on the road to independent adulthood. Wonderful! Thank you!

Two developments that particularly delight us this year have been our partnerships with EPTF, the Kenyan charity dedicated to training the disempowered in entrepreneurship; and with Langley Institute of Ministry, who share their office and equipment with our team, thus providing us with a secure base for the staff to meet and work. These two charities are invaluable to us, and we are very grateful to both.

Here is a photograph of Stephen Kaberia’s graduation; we rescued him from the streets as a child over a decade ago - now he has a Diploma (with a credit) in Business Management.

He has been wanting to achieve this for years, and we are delighted that, thanks to sponsorship, he has now fulfilled this dream. Thank you! We are hoping that he will go on to do an internship with EPTF and become part of our vision for a future when the whole enterprise is self-sustaining in Kenya. We are not there yet, but this is another small step forward.

The younger children have written notes identifying specific benefits of the year - several are pleased to have passed school tests well, they are grateful for proper care and good food. Miriam Muriki mentions the 'Guidance Club' at her school, and they are all happy to have good friends and a loving staff team to support them through any difficulties.

We remain tremendously grateful to Frederick Mithika, Patrick Munene and Purity Kagwiria, our wonderful team, who are devoted to the children and always on hand to straighten out problems, provide discipline, advice and guidance. They give the stability and continuity so vital to childhood and young adulthood, and their constancy and loving care is the bedrock on which NLN stands.

Our challenge for 2018 is to encourage and train our team and some of the young people who are ready, to begin to take on the responsibility for the work themselves. This will require a shift in their thinking from receiving to providing, and we are glad to see some progress in this vital area already.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all. Truly you are not just saving lives, you are transforming them, and we cannot thank you enough.

Yours sincerely,

Miriam Westendarp
Co-founder and Trustee for New Life Nyambene

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