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New Life Nyambene - Autumn 2018


Over half of teenage girls in Kenya never get the chance to go to secondary school. It could so easily have been the same for Winfred, whose earliest memories are of the extreme hunger she faced as a street child. But thanks to your support, New Life Nyambene has been able to help Winfred re-write her story by sponsoring her education right up to degree level at Chuka University. "It is because of you and God that I have made it to this far, may God graciously bless you and keep you", says Winfred.

Winfred has dreams of being a teacher once she graduates. But she also has another dream - to give other street children a place to call home.

Winfred and the other children whose education we sponsor have been living in temporary accommodation for the last few years. Because of problems encountered with the previous manager, we had to move the children from the site we owned to a temporary refuge. We have now won a lengthy legal process to regain the land from this corrupt man who had forged documents with the intention of stealing the land. We can now return and take full ownership; however there are financial implications that we have not been able to avoid.

The home and land we are raising money for

Can you help us raise the money we need to take the children back home and restore the buildings which have fallen into disrepair?

Winfred, who thinks of the other street children as her brothers and sisters, is clear about the difference this will make to their lives: "I will be glad to see my siblings at home where we can feel a sense of belonging, where we can mentor them and also as the elder bros and sis's we will have somewhere to start as we start giving back to the society."


Joy Karimi, another of the girls in our care who is currently studying food management at college, agreed with Winifred about the emotional benefits to the children: "It will help these children have somewhere where they can call home..... me and the other children will have ample time even to concentrate on our studies which will help us shape our future. It will help the children live in peace because they will feel more at home than when living in rentals."


As well as the well being of the children, another key driver behind this fundraising appeal is the teamís hope that the land can generate food and income in the future and become a place where former street children learn the life skills and farming techniques that will help them become independent adults in future. "It will help children to discover their talents inside them by involving them in many activities like venturing in agricultural activities like poultry, rearing of rabbits, having small keyhole gardens", explains Frederick one of our support workers at the project in Maua. Patrick, a boy we are supporting to obtain a degree in medicine, agrees: "With bigger land we can do some domestic farming and also rearing some animals. We will have something that we own and we have freedom in it at least we can do something which is profitable and support the charity"

Yes I can help give street children a place to call home >>>

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