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New Life Nyambene Winter 2019

"You have and will forever leave an indelible mark upon my life" - Caroline, rescued from the streets as a young child

A Christmas Message from our Chair Miriam Westendarp

Greetings to all our sponsors and supporters! We wish you a blessed and prosperous Christmas and New Year and send you our heartfelt thanks for your faithfulness to the children and young people we care for in Maua, Kenya.

The children themselves have all sent pictures and letters of greeting and thanks. They make encouraging reading! Here are some extracts to gladden your heart:

"I would like to take this opportunity to write for all of you to say that I love you"

Charles Mutembei:

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking care of me from when I was a small child.We are aiming to go far because of your cooperation that no one will get lost in this journey of life..I must take care of those street children like you are doing to me...I know it is not easy to all human being to take care of the children that they are not related with, but you my sponsors you are doing it. May God bless you."

"I really appreciate so much the good care that you have shown to us"

Caroline Kinya:

"I take this chance to appreciate and thank you for you are such an awesome gift have ever known. For sure I can't impact of your investment in my life, for educating me this far I surely can't thank you enough. You have and will forever leave an indelible mark upon my life and thus always feel that I love you so much right back."

Damaris Kangai:

"Right now am healthy. I am acquiring everything including shelter and good clothing all basic needs and also secondary needs. My heart greatly rejoices whenever I reflect on the great love you have on me."

Benard our Project Manager with some of our children in Kenya

The children have had a year of great progress and increasing happiness as they have settled into pleasant rented accommodation while we wait on for the land to be returned to us; and they have enjoyed security in the loving and capable care of Bernard Mwangi, our new Project Manager. To cap a year of great growth, how much rejoicing there will be if, when I visit in February, I can stay with them back in our own land!

We will begin next year by sharing some stories from our older students of their lives on the streets before they came into our care. They are by no means easy reading, but If you settle down with a cup of tea and give them your time, it will change you.

With best wishes and all our thanks for what you have done for the children this year,

Miriam Westendarp

Chair of New Life Nyambene

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!"

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