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Newsletter - Maua Street and Destitute Children's Home

January - March 2011


The Maua Street Children and Destitute Children’s Home has been operating since the year 2000 with the help and support from our friends in the United Kingdom. The home is taking care of 36 children. These children were former street children who were living in the streets. The year 2011 (so far) has been a good year to us because one of our children Gerald Muriira went to university.

Children's Education

Our children are doing well in their education despite challenges that they have stayed in the streets for some years sniffing glue. We are proud to say that one of these children Gerald Muriira is doing a Bachelor degree in Education (science option) at Mt. Kenya University Nairobi (Thika Campus). After the four year course he will graduate and will be working as a secondary school teacher. Another child Peter Kubai has already been admitted to the Meru University College of Science and Technology and he will begin his studies in the next semester (May 2011) and he will be doing Certificate in Electrical Installation. This is a good achievement. At present we have six (6) children who are in secondary (high school).

Their names are:

One of our children completed a mechanics and driving course. He is Patrick Kirianki. Our other four (4) children who did not score good marks to join secondary Schools will be joining polytechnic in May this year (2011) to learn some courses. The skills will enable these children to learn some courses which will help them in their future lives.

These children are:

All the other children are in primary school and this year 2011 we shall have ten(10) Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Examination candidates who are in class 8.

Children's Health

Our children are very health and their dormitories well equipped with beds and blankets. They get enough food despite high prices of foodstuffs.

The Staff

Our Maua Street Children’s Home staff is very happy with the good performance of our children especially Gerald Muriira and Peter Kubai and the ones who had gone to secondary this year. Rose Kinya who is our secretary will be going to the college to do a diploma in Tourism in the month of May 2011. She is still working with us until the end of March. We shall replace her when she leaves. We shall have to recruit a new secretary. The staff’s biggest challenge is that they sacrifice themselves for just a little salary which cannot match with the high prices of food stuffs which are going up day after day.

The Workshop Project

Our focus now is about building the workshop where we can start training our children and other children from poor families some skills so that they will be self-reliant and be able to support themselves when they grow up.

This project will help us to fulfill our objectives and vision of helping and supporting the street children to become self-reliant when they grow up. We started from nothing but so far we have gone a long way and achieved much. Our priority now is to have the workshop. Already we have the training materials (tools) which were donated to our organization by work Aid –UK.

They donated tools for the following courses:

They also supplied us with some knitting threads, screws and nails, we say a big thank you to them. We have great hopes that in near future we shall have our own workshop because what we are lacking now is money to buy a piece of land which we have already identified and finance to construct the workshop building. We hope our mission will be accomplished.

Regional News

Drought and Hunger

The current drought has been caused by the insufficient rain during the last season. This also made the maize crops to dry up and would not yield enough crops. The hunger still exists in the country. As the food is not enough in the markets the prize of foodstuffs has gone up by 6.5% from January this year. The cost of living is on upward trend (see the daily papers cutrings attached). This affected our children’s home yet because the prices of maize, beans, maize flour, rice, cabbages etc. has gone up. Most of people are starving here for lack of food. Many families have children who are suffering from malnutrition. Many families survive by having one meal a day.

Political Situation

The political situation in Kenya is not pleasing now because of what is called ‘’the Ocampo six’’. These are six senior government officers who have been accused of being the masterminds of the 2007-2008 post election violence which left 1,330 people dead and more than 650,000 displaced. The coalition government is now divided with the PNU leaders defending them against being sent at the international criminal court at The Hague for trial and the ODM leaders supporting the ICC trial. This means that there is something like a tug-of- war within the government itself. Two of the six named leaders are presidential candidates in 2012 general election and the other four are very influential people in the government. This Moreno Ocampo is the prosecutor of the international criminals court at The Hague, that is why they are referred to as the ‘’Ocampo six’’.

If these people are taken to Hague, we fear that their tribes might cause tribal wars again and if there will be impunity more people might cause chaos after the next general election (2012). We are looking keenly and interestingly on what will happen.


I have tried to make this newsletter as brief as I could. I hope you will spare a little time to read it and continue to support this vital project to fulfill our objectives and vision. We have come from nothing to something and we can now see the fruits of your support and donations. The Maua Children’s Home fraternity say a very big thank to every one of you.


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