Winter 2010 Newsletter for New Life Nyambene

We have the chance to rescue seven more children from the streets in Kenya

A photo of children from the home

In January 2011, seven of the young people at the Children's Home will start at vocational training colleges to equip them with the skills they need to become independent, self-supporting adults. As the colleges offer full board, these seven young people will no longer require accommodation at the Home, presenting us with an exciting opportunity to rescue seven more children from the trauma and poverty of life on the streets. But we can only do this if we find seven more sponsors. Can you help? Please contact us:

New charity cards for a gift that will make a big difference to a child's life

Tired of mass consumerism? Looking for an inspirational gift? New Life Nyambene have developed a set of charity cards so you can give the precious gift of food, shoes or clothes to a child in Kenya, or help pay for their healthcare or school fees. Cards are 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 with six designs available. See for full details.

A photo of the charity cards

To purchase a gift card, contact us and we'll sort out the rest. Alternatively, send a cheque to the address below, adding an extra 1 to cover postage and printing costs. So for example, for the 5 card please send a cheque for 6. Remember to tell us where you'd like the card sent to, and if you want a message written inside:

New Life Nyambene Team
11 Market Place
NE66 1HS

Our thanks to Norman at ArtKatSurrey, who contributed his beautiful artwork for these cards. For more info contact

Miriam Westendarp reports on UK visit of Pastor Ambrose, Manager of the Children's Home in Kenya

It was wonderful to receive Ambrose Gichunge into our homes for the months of August and September. For me, Miriam, this was a visit I had longed for since our first meeting in 2000. There were so many things to share and see which could never be communicated just by letter or email. And the visit was all we hoped for and more: because Ambrose arrived a sick man, racked with a cough that had lasted on and off since he contracted pneumonia fifteen years ago; with inflamed lungs and little appetite; and he left, over a stone heavier, with a clear chest, no cough and greatly increased strength, thanks to the generous skill of Dr Adeniyi-Jones of New Cavendish Street.

A photo of Miriam Westendarp and Ambrose

Ambrose met the trustees and as many of the sponsors as he could during his stay. To all, he repeated the same message of appreciation, gratitude and the ongoing need of street children in his home town. So much has been achieved already! Now only one final building "the workshop" is needed, and then our infrastructure will be complete. It was the greatest joy to him to meet those who have given financially to the various projects. He never tired of shaking hands and thanking friends and donors, and passing on the huge gratitude of the children themselves. The fact that we now have so many of them moving on into higher education shows that we have nearly completed the rescue of one generation of our orphanage's children! This is the most wonderful feat.

At Dr Challoner's High School, where there are quite a few sponsors, and where the pupils regularly put on charity events to raise money for our home, Ambrose visited on three occasions, giving assemblies which were very moving, as he told of his own impoverished childhood, and the reason that he has such a passion for saving the destitute. It was wonderful for our girls to listen to words from a culture very unlike our own, and to recognise that it is always possible to make an impact for good in one's community, however challenging.

During his stay Pastor Ambrose also visited Scotland. He met with pupils at Fernhill School in Glasgow, who presented him with a generous cheque for the charity - the fruit of their various fundraising activities, including a school dance and staff versus pupil netball match. Ambrose also met with Pastor Peter Anderson from Destiny Church Edinburgh to share ideas for responding to the practical and spiritual needs in their communities. We are grateful to Destiny for supporting us to do a gift stall at their Christmas family service to sell our new charity cards.

It was very difficult to say goodbye to him at the airport on September 30th, knowing that it might be years before we meet again. However, we have photographs to show for it all particularly demonstrating how cold he found it here!

The world shrinks as we fly round it, and our damaged and impoverished children in Maua are as relevant to us as those on our own doorsteps. Thank you to all of you who understand this, and who care enough to give in these straitened times, to people who have so much less than you do. There are many children in Maua who wake up grateful and safe every day because of you.

A photo of our sponsors and Ambrose A photo of some more sponsors and Ambrose

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