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New Life Nyambene is committed to creating a better future for some of the most disadvantaged and stigmatised children in Africa. Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned street children in Kenya and to give them the educational opportunities that are their best chance of escaping destitution.
We are delighted to report that four of our children have done so well in their end of class exams that we have been able to move them to higher performing schools for the new school year.  Result!
Continuing our focus on excellence, here is an update on two of our promising students, Patrick Mwenda.....
....and Martin Kinuya
Patrick's father had several wives.  His own mother died when he was 2, supposedly from witchcraft, and he was discarded as worthless.  His grandmother took him to her mud hut and struggled to keep him alive, giving him something to eat each day; but when he was found by New Life Nyambene in 2000, he was severely malnourished. Despite this desperate beginning, Patrick has been a star pupil, loved by staff and children alike.  He has now completed his university medical studies as a Clinical Officer.  This will qualify him eventually to run a clinic and supervise his own team of nurses and pharmacists.  He is now on the first of two attachments in Kitale Hospital, and continues to shine academically.
His future is bright - and he will make bright the futures of many others in his turn.
This is who we are and what we do.
Karumo Technical Training  Institute, Tigania West, Meru County. 
Martin was also orphaned young and owes his initial survival to his grandmother; but she, like Patrick's, was unable to provide more than basic food; and schooling and good clothing were beyond her. Martin is now in his final year at  Karumo Technical Training Institute, studying electrical engineering. The transcript of his first year exams shows how well he is doing - just missing Distinction by 3 measly points!  The practical display shows a plan he has built of an installation for a table room and kitchen.  When asked if he will be happy following this career path, he said, "My career is my favourite.  I like it so much."  He anticipates good employment opportunities in the future.
It is impossible to put a value on these lives, and our joy at their success and current fulfilment is boundless.  They are wonderful young men, who would assuredly not have achieved adulthood without your magnificent generosity, sustained in many cases over decades - Thank you!
It is our great pleasure to introduce to you two new trustees of New Life Nyambene.  Jane and Duncan Murungi were introduced to us by Melane Wood, a long-standing trustee; and to our amazed delight are not only Kenyan but from the Meru tribe, so they speak the heart-language of our staff and children.
Originally from the slopes of Mt Kenya, Jane went to school in Maua and Duncan in Meru.  They could not be closer to us in family and in spirit.  After teaching Mathematics locally for a few years, they moved first to Botswana and then, in 2003 came to England, where Jane still teaches, and Duncan runs a successful business.  They live in Beaconsfield with their two children, Max (11) and Yvonne (18).  Their main role with NLN is to bridge the language and culture gaps between Kenya and Britain.  However, their intimate knowledge of the area has enabled us to locate better medical facilities, schools and services, as well as to receive helpful legal advice - they seem to have friends everywhere!  Once travel is permitted again and they can meet the children and get to know our Kenyan team, we will have a better link between our two countries than ever before.  Thank you, Jane and Duncan, - we already cannot imagine how we managed without you.

Jane says, "We are privileged and excited to be joining the NLN team and being part of the amazing work it is doing, giving a second chance at life to the disadvantaged children of Nyambene-Maua.  We are looking forward to helping you achieve your mission."


Your donation for street children doubled - make an even bigger impact!
This year, for the first time, NLN will participate in the Big Give Christmas Challenge. If you donate to NLN during the Challenge, which runs from 30 November to 7 December, your donation will be doubled! More information on this exciting opportunity to increase our funding, allowing us to rescue more street children, will be provided nearer the time.

Information on The Big Give
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