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New Life Nyambene is committed to creating a better future for some of the most disadvantaged and stigmatised children in Africa. Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned street children in Kenya and to give them the educational opportunities that are their best chance of escaping destitution.
Our best Easter News!  Three more destitute children saved!
These are the haunted faces of hopeless poverty.
Blessy, 7, (left) was breaking up stones to sell as hardcore in order to buy food.  She and Sivie, 11, were emaciated when our team found them
Anthony also orphaned and destitute has been selling Miraa in his attempt to pay his own school fees.  The headteacher gave him lunch on school days.  In the holidays he was given nothing.
Blessy's toes were full of jiggers.  These are burrowing creatures that multiply under the skin and cause swelling, itching and infection.  They are an indicator of extreme poverty.  If untreated they can even lead to amputation.
Look what you have achieved!  
Caroline and Harrison with their new little sisters in the girls' day room.
Blessy is the same age as Faith's own daughter and they will go to school together.  All three children have been welcomed with joy by the rest of the family, and the bigger girls are enjoying mothering Blessy - helping her to settle at night and to sleep without fear.  They are also digging out the jiggers - many of them remember jiggers - and in two weeks, Blessy's feet will be as good as new.
This is who we are and what we do.  

We stay with them right through - from street children to independent adults.
In February, Patrick (in red) took Kelvin and CarolJune to Meru Polytechnic for the first time, to begin their IT courses.  We have cared for these two since they too were impoverished street children: it is wonderful to watch them grow up into such confident and hopeful young adults.
You will also be delighted to learn that Mark, who featured in our Christmas newsletter, has fulfilled the potential for academic excellence that we recognised in him then. He came 3rd out of a year group of 238 students.  Here he is, receiving his reward from Faith.

In fact, we are tremendously proud of all of our children's performance since they have been allowed back to school: 9 year-old Roy in Class 4 averaged 83% across 13 subjects - scoring 100% in Science! - and Harrison achieved second place in Class 5.  Others also did well. The school leavers, Damaris, Brenda and Elosy, have had a week of intensive exams after the rest of the school went home for the holidays, and will not know their results yet.
Frankline is very much enjoying his heavy duty driver's course
With 24 children currently in our care, we have already achieved our Christmas dream for 2021: to fill to capacity in our present houses.  That is a wonderful achievement and reflects your generosity and responsiveness to need.  Our goal now is to expand to our optimum number of between 35 - 40 children over the next five years.   That is a huge stretch; but one look at Blessy and Sivie's shining faces shows that it is worth all the effort that we bring to the task. 

You are the people who make it happen - who have always made it happen.  Take the radiance of Sivie's smile as she wears her first pretty dress, and knows that her hunger is over, or the warmth of the welcoming embrace of the older children, and ascribe them to yourself with our heartfelt thanks. 
I will make it happen again! I want to save more children like Blessy
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