NLN January 2024

New Life Nyambene is committed to creating a better future for some of the most disadvantaged and stigmatised children in Africa. Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned street children in Kenya and to give them the educational opportunities that are their best chance of escaping destitution.

Welcome to 2024 in Maua!

Happy 2024!  The Kenyan academic year runs from January to December, so the children were home for their long holidays over Christmas.  Thanks to the tireless energy of our dedicated team at the children’s home, Purity, Patrick and Martha, this was a good time, with alumni visiting them for Christmas day; and gifts and outings to make the time special.

Meet Harrison

We are delighted to introduce you to Harrison Mwenda, age 15, the most recent of our boys to progress to Secondary School. Harrison has always performed excellently academically, and his reward was to be invited to a prestigious National School to complete his education. Congratulations Harrison.


Our Project Manager's first full year!

This is a good time to celebrate Martha’s first full year leading the work in Maua. (centre) She has been an inspiration to staff and children alike with her ability to combine administrative efficiency, excellent leadership and deep pastoral caring.  Our end of year review was extremely positive, with growth in staff teamwork resulting in perceptive and loving responses to children whose backgrounds sometimes make for challenging behaviours.

Of the staff members, Purity our matronwho lives with the children (pictured here)  creates calm all around.  She is equable, unflappable and deeply kind.

For Patrick, our pastor, nothing is too much trouble, and his powerful local connections enable him to weave himself through difficult situations without causing even ripples.

Trustees Duncan Mwiti and Jane Murungi will be travelling from the UK, where they live, to their Kenyan home for the July/August summer holidays. They will spend time in Maua. They speak the local tribal language, so heart to heart conversations in their mother-tongue will be of great value to our children.

Martha Coming To The UK

We are even more delighted to say that we have invited Martha to visit us here! Martha has not left Kenya before, so we are thrilled to offer her the opportunity to meet trustees, sponsors and supporters, and talk about the rewards and challenges of her role. The planned dates for the trip are 8th May to 5th June (I hope we can provide some good weather for her at some point during that time!)

Would you like to meet Martha? Would you like to ask more questions face to face about how we work, what it is like to love and live with traumatised young people, what plans we have for our future?
– How about inviting her to speak about her work for New Life Nyambene anywhere in your area? Your workspace? Your church?

If your answer to either of those questions is either Yes or Maybe, please email At this stage in our planning there is plenty of space for engagements, formal or informal meetings. We would love to hear from you.