• The breathtaking beauty of the Nyambene Hills

    In Nyambene County, only 0.2% of the population live in towns. Everyone else lives on smallholdings scattered throughout these fertile hills.


  • Maua, a small but growing town

    with a population of 10,000. It is estimated that over 70 of these are street children


  • In amongst the prosperity there is desperate poverty

    An increasing number of children are being forced into the unlivable street life as a result of rape, abandonment, homelessness, landlessness or being orphaned


  • Our rescued children grow into a loving family

    Being with others who understand and have shared similar suffering creates a strong bond between them


  • We educate them in the best schools

    and provide tutoring during the holidays so that they can catch up on missed education


  • We look after them until they are independent adults

    unemployment in the area is 40%. To give our children the best chance of earning a living, we put them through tertiary education as well as school, and give them the best career education they can aspire to.


Children's Stories

Patrick Mwenda
Patrick Mwenda
Fridah Kaweria
Fridah Kaweria
Charles Mutembei
Charles Mutembei
Joy Waithera
Joy Waithera
Damaris Kangai
Polly Kanana
Polly Kanana

Welcome to New Life Nyambene

New Life Nyambene is committed to creating ...

... a better future for some of the most disadvantaged and stigmatised children in Africa. Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned street children in Kenya and to give them the educational opportunities that are their best chance of escaping destitution.

Our project in the Nyambene Hills region of Kenya...

... offers former street children long-term care, a sense of belonging, and the education and vocational skills they need to escape poverty and find employment. The children have been traumatised by starvation, neglect and abuse; and over time our caring staff help to nurture them back into emotional and physical health, acting as parents for them, offering love and guidance, and working with their teachers to ensure they get good food, sanitation, clothes and healthcare.

We believe street children deserve not just the basic learning to survive ...

... but the further education they need to thrive - as confident, work-ready, self-sufficient adults. We therefore sponsor the children not just through school but also on to vocational training courses, colleges and universities.

Our Structure

New Life Nyambene is a partnership between Kenya and the UK. The Children's Project in Kenya is managed and run by a dedicated team of Kenyans from the local community.

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