About New Life Nyambene

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our work is our belief that every child deserves the best start in life and the chance to make the most of their unique talents and abilities. Experience has shown us that children living on the streets in Kenya suffer the sort of trauma, abuse, destitution and neglect that is unimaginable for children in the UK. We help these children re-build their lives by offering long-term support, guidance and care, and by seeking to meet both their practical and emotional needs. We believe that the future of street children and their ability to escape the desperate poverty they face depends on their access to an education and vocational skills training. Providing these learning opportunities is one of our primary goals.

Our Structure

New Life Nyambene is a partnership between Kenya and the UK. The Children's Project in Kenya is managed and run by a dedicated team of Kenyans from the local community.

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